Breakfast Of Champions

I am not a morning person.

I wake up cranky and with terrible bed-head and looking ever so slightly like a zombie about to jump out of the computer screen and slurp down all your brains.

After I wake up, it takes me awhile to roll out of bed. In my current unemployed state, it takes me even longer than normal. I’m trying to start morning runs. I think running in the morning sets a great (healthy) tone for the whole day. Besides, I hate running at any other time. It is too hot in the afternoons and by the evening, I’d rather be sitting on the patio with a glass of wine than running.

Running in the morning works best with my brain. I like to run on an empty stomach. Mentally, it psyches me out if I’ve eaten anything before a run, even if it was a peanut butter sandwich 5 hours before my run. I get some sort of psychological cramping.

Which brings me to my problem this morning. My skinny little sister made Brownies from scratch with extra chocolate chips in them last night. And then, she left them on the stove top with the spatula so they can be scooped up every time I walk through the kitchen. I hate her.

I know that even though a Brownie and a cup of coffee sounds like a great breakfast right now, I won’t run today if I indulge. I’ll get cramps and feel heavy and slow. However, if I don’t eat a Brownie and I go for a run, I’ll want to keep with the positive healthy vibe and fuel my body with good veggies and proteins today. It’s a no-brainer, right?

Run > Brownie

Here’s my conundrum: I’m waiting for my iPod shuffle to charge (yeah, old school, I know) and I’m kinda dehydrated since I haven’t had anything to drink since waking up. So, I probably won’t be able to run for at least another 20 minutes. That’s 20 minutes in the house with the Brownies.

I’m 27, a real grown-up, I can handle this.

I’ll just go downstairs, walk past the Brownie Pan of Death and get a nice big glass of water. Then, I’ll come up and finish this blog post, glup glup drink the water and go for my run.

Great plan. Here I go.

3 minutes later:

Got the water!

OK, I ate a little piece of Brownie. Just a teeny-tiny Brownie-bit.

I know. I hate myself.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist The Brownie Pan of Death. This is why I never buy junk food at the store. My self-control sucks. I don’t have any problems with not getting junk food, but when it is in the house, I eat it for freaking breakfast!

I didn’t have that big of a piece of Brownie. I’m still on track for my run. Right after I drink all this water and get at least 25 minutes of battery life in my iPod.

I’m going to do my “uphill all the ways” loop.

It isn’t really up hills all the way, but it sure as heck feels that way! I climb 207 feet, most of them between mile 1 and mile 1.5.

Ok. I’m hydrated, motivated, and already running late to meet a friend. I’m going to pound out this run and probably forgo the shower….

Go Placidly.


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