My Type AKA Why I’m Single

I just commented on a friend’s blog.

I’d link to her blog because it is a poignant telling of her life interwoven with sparks of brilliance, but she, being more prudent (and smarter) than I, has made her blog private. Sorry guys, invitation only. Kinda a big deal.

Either way, she wrote about her basic “type” of guy. She examined similarities/differences in the men she’s dated and finds attractive. She ended her post asking if her readers believed in “types” and had a “type.”

This is my response.

I totally have a type:

Delightfully wrong for me, full of boyish charm, hetero-normal male (I don’t like sensitive guys who talk about their feelings, but I wish I did).

I don’t like artsy guys, but I dig rockstars.

I don’t like cocky guys, but they have to be confident.

I don’t like skinny guys or guys that are too out of shape to go exploring and adventuring with me.

I don’t like guys with pierced ears or flat-brimmed hats.

I like funny guys, but not stand up comedians.

I like guys who are a challenge of sorts.

I don’t like married guys.

I (unfortunately) don’t like rich guys.

I also don’t like guys who are so cultured they make me feel like a dumb hick, or who are so closed-minded they won’t eat anything that’s not “‘merican” and now I’m starting to feel like a picky bitch….

it is suddenly clear to me why I am single.



3 responses to “My Type AKA Why I’m Single

  1. Yep, sounds about right!

    My type apparently includes “not ready for a relationship right now, but will be for the next girl”. I have a tendency to get guys ready for a relationship…it’s a sad pattern.

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