About Me, Personally

This is me:

photo credit: T. Fuller

This is a running blog. Of sorts.

I’m not much of a runner.

I’ve never been any good at it, rarely ever breaking a 10 minute mile at my best. My current pace is closer to a 12 minute mile. I’m pretty sure that means your grandmother might be able to speed-walk past my jogging ass.

But that’s ok, you know why? I’m always running. It’s what I do.

Some days, I’m running several miles to train for a race.

Some days, I’m running to clear my mind.

Some days, I’m running to lose weight.

Some days, I’m running towards a finish line, for a good cause (and a t-shirt)

Some days, I’m just running late.

I run out of energy and money and positive thoughts.

I run away from problems and love.

I run and I skip and I jump – the only thing I don’t do is stagnate.

I’m always in motion.

I invite you to keep up. It shouldn’t be hard, I do run a 12 minute mile, after all.



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